>Halloween Yoyos

>I am in a Halloween yoyo swap and here are the ones I have received thus far. There are a few more that are to come in the mail yet. I will add them to my Halloween yoyo blanket.

halloween yoyos

>I am back…and moved mostly



On September 11th you saw my last post as that was the first day of our move and we lost internet connection that day. Some got confused by what I wrote some thought I was currently pregnant. Sorry for the confusion to all those who wished me a happy pregnancy I am not pregnant I am exactly the opposite at the moment I was pregnant at the time the towers fell. I have an operation in a few weeks and will no longer be able to have children, that is the short version lots of thought went in to this it is for medical health reasons. I am happy for the three I have they are wonderful and dear to me. We have moved but not un-boxed and that may not happen for a while yet to come maybe 3 or more months. To much stuff for the space we now live in and not enough time before I am on bed rest because of the operation i hope to get a ton made while on bed rest. I have made a few things since the last post just not able to show them at the moment as I don’t know where they are with the move and all. But here are some other pictures. The little spider was on the porch of our old house on the first day of our move and the tarantula was in our drive way the last day of our move at the old house the dragonfly was on the geraniums sitting on our porch at the new house. Sort of a hi and bye from mother nature.

The tarantula photos came off of my camera phone sorry not better pictures.

>Where were you…

>I was at the doctors office in the waiting room when I saw it on a little tv. Then I went to see the doctor to be told I had to be on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy. What have you done to make the world better because of this. I have become more God centered and more patriotic much more than I ever thought I would be from the point of view I had as a teenager.

>Lost days of summer…


getting leaves from oak tree

When I was a little kid I lived in the country with my grandmother. I grew up surround by fields of corn and cotton with the sound of cows in the background. My summer days I spent chasing butterflies and catching other bugs and things in her big front yard. We went back there for a few days last month and my kids acted just the way I did as a kid. Finding leaves, seed pods, and pine-cones.

seed pods

Sometimes I think they missed a lot not growing up in the country. Other times I think they gained things I never had as well like a best friend who doesn’t live over five miles away. I had fun watching them help each other get the oak leaves off the tree so they could show me the funny red bumps on them. I grew up playing with these leaves and the funny red bumps it is nice to know some simple pleasures do not change from one generation to the next. My children and I and my grandmother all had fun comparing leaves. I was curious because I never looked up what the funny red bumps are they produce a little red/yellow/orange little round seed/egg looking thing that I use to call hoppers as they could hop on their own like a Mexican jumping bean. I was always told it was a bugs home but I didn’t actually know. I know these trees have gals aka oak apples but I didn’t take pictures of them.

oak leafimgp9191oak leaf 2oak leaf 4

>Moving day is near…


So moving day happens in the next week and 1/2. Am I ready you would think I would be. But no the other house is not done but we are moving any way such is life. The garage looks a mess and there are two pod units in the yard and on and on. But in all it will be a great move closer to school and family moving back to a neighbor hood where two of our children where born. Old friends already waiting to see us. We have such a great family they have been helping us re-due our old home. All this through all kinds of family trials that you never saw on the blog that would have been TMI which are still happening. Life is good and we move forward. I am helping out at my children’s school. There is a teacher there that had a back operation recently and has had a hard time doing things. So I have been doing volunteer work helping out nothing like sitting through the same science lesson 4 times in a day but you know I am having fun and each time it is a little different depending on what the students ask. I have been enjoying that getting to know the other teachers at the school better can’t be a bad thing and it will be easier to do once the move happens. He only needs help for a few hours a day for a few months and I am having fun with it. Still leaves me time to work on projects and pack up home hoping to be able to do some big projects in the future if all goes as planned if not life must have something else in store. I am not signing off yet that will happen in the near future as our computer goes from one house to the other. May be a small break in the programing so to speak.

>And the winner Is……

>This is the winning entry my butterfly girl picked the winner. I think I want the recipe on this apron if it is that good. I will email you today to get your mailing address.Happy Labor day.

Elizabeth said…

My apron story….
Way back in the mid-90’s, my aunt sent an apron she’d decorated for my baby sister. She used a pre-printed panel of some sort, and did the fusible web with “paint pen” outlines. (I don’t know what else to call them…. they were hugely popular for a while.) The neat thing is that one of the fabric pieces includes a recipe for sugar cookies – the best sugar cookie recipe I’ve ever tasted! Every year when we did the Christmas baking, Becca had to stand still for a few minutes so we could read the recipe off her apron! Now the apron is owned by my daughter, age almost-7. For the last couple of Christmases, she’s helped me with some baking…. and just like her aunt so long ago, she has to stand still long enough for me to read the recipe off her apron!

Oklahoma City, OK
emlieser at cox dot net

She added the recipe to the comments section if anyone wants it.

>New bonnet in store today


This bonnet fits 6-9 mos. Made front thrifted found Irish rose that I added too. colors are peach light green and cream. It is in the store as of this morning .

3/4 angle front
chin bow detailsside left3/4 angle back

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