>Lost days of summer…


getting leaves from oak tree

When I was a little kid I lived in the country with my grandmother. I grew up surround by fields of corn and cotton with the sound of cows in the background. My summer days I spent chasing butterflies and catching other bugs and things in her big front yard. We went back there for a few days last month and my kids acted just the way I did as a kid. Finding leaves, seed pods, and pine-cones.

seed pods

Sometimes I think they missed a lot not growing up in the country. Other times I think they gained things I never had as well like a best friend who doesn’t live over five miles away. I had fun watching them help each other get the oak leaves off the tree so they could show me the funny red bumps on them. I grew up playing with these leaves and the funny red bumps it is nice to know some simple pleasures do not change from one generation to the next. My children and I and my grandmother all had fun comparing leaves. I was curious because I never looked up what the funny red bumps are they produce a little red/yellow/orange little round seed/egg looking thing that I use to call hoppers as they could hop on their own like a Mexican jumping bean. I was always told it was a bugs home but I didn’t actually know. I know these trees have gals aka oak apples but I didn’t take pictures of them.

oak leafimgp9191oak leaf 2oak leaf 4