>I am back…and moved mostly



On September 11th you saw my last post as that was the first day of our move and we lost internet connection that day. Some got confused by what I wrote some thought I was currently pregnant. Sorry for the confusion to all those who wished me a happy pregnancy I am not pregnant I am exactly the opposite at the moment I was pregnant at the time the towers fell. I have an operation in a few weeks and will no longer be able to have children, that is the short version lots of thought went in to this it is for medical health reasons. I am happy for the three I have they are wonderful and dear to me. We have moved but not un-boxed and that may not happen for a while yet to come maybe 3 or more months. To much stuff for the space we now live in and not enough time before I am on bed rest because of the operation i hope to get a ton made while on bed rest. I have made a few things since the last post just not able to show them at the moment as I don’t know where they are with the move and all. But here are some other pictures. The little spider was on the porch of our old house on the first day of our move and the tarantula was in our drive way the last day of our move at the old house the dragonfly was on the geraniums sitting on our porch at the new house. Sort of a hi and bye from mother nature.

The tarantula photos came off of my camera phone sorry not better pictures.

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  1. bunches of yarn
    Sep 28, 2009 @ 10:37:45

    >After reading your "9-11" post again, it was clear. Sorry…I will pray for you still. It must be necessary for you to take good care of yourself. Try not to 'overdo'. ^__^


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