>Moon Festival Part 2 Taoist Temple Museum


outside of taoist temple

There is a Taoist temple on China Alley in Hanford California that was built circa 1880. The temple is on the second floor of a red building. On the bottom floor is a gift shop that sells items to help in the restoration of the temple. We picked up so soaps chop sticks, china doll, hat (seen in last post) and a few other items in the shop to help the temple and to remember the trip. The lighting was terrible in the temple and people are not aloud to use flash so there are tons of cool things in the temple but my photos did not come out well. Most of these are from the school in the room just behind the temple room.

In temple room

emperior and dieties

In class room

Mache Wedding doll set These have already been restored

mache wedding dollmache wedding doll

between dolls
This image is full of symbols that represent a long life.

between mache dolls

to the right of the dolls

is this cloth that has mirrors and knot work fringe both of which are to capture evil spirits so they do not harm the people in the room. the Mirrors to enchant them (ie scare them with their own reflection) and the knotted fringe to trap them in the knots

cloth to enchant spirits

Incense burner above and to right of mirrored cloth


Funeral paper clothes these are carried in the funeral per-session then burned so that the deceased relative will have clothes in the after life it is all hand painted wish my photo came out better as it was beautiful.

paper kimono to be burned at a funeral so the decessed has clothes to wear in the after life

To the left of funeral clothes is this embroidery that symbolizes the tree of life the story is something like if you see a deer follow it and it will lead you to the tree of life if you eat the moss/fungus at the bottom of the tree you will live forever.

embroidery representing the tree of life
close up

This paper has conji on it that reads either for the love of country or the honor of country the comji on the left reads the country inside the walls I.e. China

the word on the left reads china