>New yoyo tools coming out

>I was looking on Clover’s sight and they have new yoyo makers coming out in November in the shape of butterflies and four leaf clovers. I will definitely have to get them especially the butterfly ones for my butterfly girl. The funny thing is when I buy these types of things I always have to buy more than one set as my kids always want to try them too. The image in this post I captured from the clover sight it is not my photo I just wanted to be able to show you what I saw there. If you like yoyos this should be a cool new tool. I have been making clovers already but I used hearts to make them. I have also already been making butterflys by just doing a few extra stitches in a normal round yoyo but this looks nicer than what I came up with. Doesn’t look like it is able to be ordered yet hopefully soon.


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