>Part 3 Moon Festival…in the news


red and white lion dancers

While at the moon festival we watched the lion dancers from cal poly but the show announcer called these dragons . So now I don’t now what these are lions or dragons. I think lions but still not real sure if someone knows please let me know. We sat and stood right in the spot where they spat out the cabbage so we are supposed to have wealth and good luck in the coming year.

red lion dancers
red and whie lion dancers
white lion dancerswhite lion dancers

I have a video but blogger isn’t letting me post it for some reason it is having issues loading. OK since when do you have to have a YouTube account to post a video on blogger.


This is the front page of the Hanford Sentinel From Oct 5, 2009 if you look close you can see my kids are on the cover page watching the Cal Poly Lion dancers. If you look close at this page you will also notice the Renaissance fair that we went to later in the day.

>Just a little bit of color…

>As most of you know we have moved recently. We had been working on remodeling the house before we moved into it and there is still plenty of work to be done. I like real bright rich colors and wall paper my husband likes paint this is the compromise. We picked red for the front room color what do you think. You can see a little bit of the color that is in the kitchen too the bright yellow.