>Amigurumi Dog Finished



Here is Jasmine all finished. Sort of a little patchwork pooch. But she is done and my kid loves her. Since it is both mine and my daughters first attempt at Amigurumi it isn’t totally awful. But I can see where improvement can be made. For one thing don’t have a kid read the instructions to you or you will end up with two different size eyes and 2 different types of paws also it needs tighter stitches so stuffing doesn’t show anywhere. Better embroidery on the nose will take practice the yarn just kept swallowing the thread used. Trial and error learning experience all the same. At least we made this before we made the doll so it should be better the second go round.

backsidetop side

>Making an Amigurumi Dog

>My middle daughter really loves the Free Spirit Amigurumi doll and wants one for Christmas. Not sure I have time to make it so she started about making this puppy instead in a few scraps that we have so it doesn’t look exactly like the pattern as we didn’t have enough of any one scrap to make it solid in color and because she started late at night on Saturday we also didn’t have the right eyes for it so she found blue buttons. I helped her with this. She stitched things together and made the eyes, ears and a few other things such as stuffing the toy I made the rest as you can see it isn’t done yet. So I hope she will make more of it she still needs three more legs and her nose and mouth stitched in place.

Half done doggie

There was a dog she, my middle daughter, fell in love with when we last visited California that she named Jasmine but she was unable to keep it. The dog had been dumped and seemed to have brain damage from being tossed from the car. I don’t know why people do this but growing up in the country that is how we got most of our pets those that others tossed away. To was a sweet little Labrador, Chow mix ( had traits of both like purple tongue and things of that sort, not really sure what it was). My cousin decided it wasn’t safe and took it to the pound to the sadness of all my children and his own. Since then any stuffed animal that looks like a dog is named Jasmine thus the name of this toy. The dog had blue eyes so she likes that it has blue buttons.

>Black on Black neck warmer


buttoned in the center front

Added four new scarves to the store today. They are black on black with a real nice big red button accent.

buttoned in the centerbuttoned off centersideimgp9744

>Kid fun… Happy Thanksgiving

The kids had fun picking out some buttons for the scarfs the oldest daughter and I made. These are for the kids teachers at school. Well some of them as we ran out of yarn in this color and definitely only the girl teachers I am pretty sure the guys wouldn’t be caught dead in these. May make more or something else. As there are 12 female teachers and only 8 scarfs here plus we have 2 male teachers too. Candy is always good for a guy teacher in my opinion anyway. The scarfs all have their own personality even if they are very similar. The colors shapes and number of buttons on each one is different all the buttons are vintage the yarn is all new. The scarfs came out in thanksgiving colors funny as that is the day we finished them but they are for Christmas.

close up of oneclose of of another one8 scarfs

>Carved Turkey

>Here is her finished product with some help from mom as the pumpkin started to have issues with her cutting skills.

turkey pumpkin

>Carving Turkey Day Pumpkin

>If you remember my middle daughter did not want to carve her pumpkin at Halloween. The reason was she wanted to carve it for Thanksgiving instead. So at Halloween she just poked in plastic Mr. Potato Head type stuff to decorate hers. It has been sitting on our front porch all this time with snow and the like. So the weird face you see isn’t because it is slimy it is because it is screaming cold inside that pumpkin well probably a little slimy too.

>A little tricky at first…


small hook

The bonnet takes a little getting use to since I don’t use European crochet terms all the time. But once I got use to it, it flowed pretty quick. If you do get the pattern I recommend looking at the picture a lot to figure out a few of the concepts. Like I said this is written the old way you have to know a little to get it to work. In the process of doing this I am changing the way it climbs out of each round as there are more modern techniques that are cleaner to look at but if you want to to old do it as the pattern reads either way is pretty.

back of bonnet
old thread I am using

>Baby Bonnet Pattern Antique


bonnet page 2

Here is a $1.50 pattern for you to purchase if you like baby bonnets. I don’t care if you sell items from this just do not sell the pattern please just link people back to here thanks . Just thought it would be fun for people to use. Now it is in old terms and you do have to know about crochet and traveling from one level to another but with practice I think you can get it just fine. You will need to download it from Ravelry. Please let me know if that link works ( the buy now at the bottom of this post) I think it is my first time I am trying that maybe not can’t remember if I did that on the caplet or the orange shirt. The pattern is circa 1862 just a little after it as it has reference in the leaflet to the London exhibit ( i.e. world fair) The authoress of this pattern is also from London ( Cloudesley Square to be exact) so these are in European terms of crochet.

To see other Blog Sale Items follow this link.

>Sunday Pile-up and crochet

>The girls felt like dog piling the oldest Sunday. That was before the younger two got sick yesterday so now I am home with two little sick kids hopeful I don’t get sick. The thought of getting sick and coughing with stitches is just an unbearable thing at the moment. I am a mom and that is what happens, I am happy to have company any way better than staring at four walls alone. I have also been working on some crochet.

current project

>Lavender Embroidery image


embroidery pattern I drew on sachet

I went looking on line for an image I could use for embroidery on my sachet. I found this one. It was pretty close to what I wanted. Since my sachet is already 1/2 full I free hand drew this on the bag. So it isn’t exactly like the image. But I don’t care. I have one more stem on mine than the original image. But like I said I wasn’t trying to be identical just wanted a reference for my starting point. I didn’t do any prep work for the drawing just sat down with a permanent ultra fine tip sharpie marker and just started drawing. Now all that is left to do is embroider it.


all finished Not my best work but I just wanted a simple no brainier activity for me and the girls and since this sits in a drawer smelling good (and no one sees it other than here of course who cares). It is still nicer than it was and the girls like it. They have already asked if they collect rose petals will I embroider roses on the next one I said sure oh boy what have I started. They have already started talking of daisies too.

embroidered lavender bag

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