>yoyo neckwarmer


yoyo crochet neckwarmer

Here is the neck warmer I promised to show the other day. It has mother of pearl buttons as closures. This is real soft and has a nice drape to it.

>kid hook yarn fingerless glove

>My middle daughter set to work making Christmas without me knowing what she was doing. Part way through I figured it out not hard when she asks you to try it on. This is her first attempt at making her own pattern and executing it, she is ten years old. Not to bad I might add she already has requests from both sisters to make them a set. I guess her Christmas shopping is almost done as she didn’t have to think to hard on this one. I was told I could take a picture but couldn’t have it till Christmas. Cute kid. On a side note they actually fit.

>It’s near advent…


holly berry ornament / win one of each ornament find out how on my blog

Click on the image to go to hte tutorial on how to make an advent wreath using yoyos. Now the posts will be in reverse order with the first one being last in the list and visa versa. I am pretty sure everyone can handle that.

Advent Calander

Please if you make any of these items I would love to see them added to the flickr pool all about this. Thanks and happy crafting.

YoYo Advent Calendar. Get yours at bighugelabs.com