>Lavender Sachet


lavender from our yard
The children wanted something to do this morning so I sent them out to pick lavender. Our little bush doesn’t have much left on it at this time of year but there was some. It probably has none now that the girls have had their hands on it. During the summer months I would just pick the flowers and seeds off and drop them in other spots in the yard so we would have more lavender in the future. After all that was left on the plant was picked and florets removed from the stems there wasn’t much just enough for about 1/2 bag.

I am not able to lift my sewing machine at the moment to the table so we looked around for a cloth bag we could use. Then I remembered that Anthropologie uses cloth bags to put your receipt in when they mail you items, I had purchased two crinoline slips recently. So I just happen to have a little bag on hand. The nice thing about their little bags are that they have a real light weave so air can go in and out of their bags with ease. But the other nice thing is the weave is a tight enough weave that the little lavender seeds don’t fall out either.

So in the process of getting my children something to do I received a nice little sachet. They want to pick more next summer so that they can all have little sachet bags in their clothes drawers. Can I say I just love having little girls. The girls suggested that I embroider on the bag. You know that isn’t a bad idea maybe a few sprigs of lavender on the outside of the bag would be real cute.

I used to put lavender in

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  1. Gina
    Nov 13, 2009 @ 12:53:59

    >How cool that you get cloth bags when you make a purchase! I've wanted to grow lavander for ages but haven't seemed to have any luck with it. I love the smell of it.


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