>One to Go


one down back

I have one glove done one to go. Good thing I took notes as I made it or it might be hard to duplicate.

one down palm

>Red Black and Blue


thumb gusset

Most people that know me know my favorite colors are black, red, and white in that order. So when I finished my husbands hat I had scraps in my favorite colors my brain started to tick what could I make me that wouldn’t take much yarn.

I know fingerless wool mitts. OH YEAH!!! Happy dance on my part I knew what I wanted to make I just had to figure out the gusset in crease on the thumb and I was good to go. Did that decided I wanted to leave the white out I will probably make another glove with it but maybe a little different in style. Those that may not know I was a punker, mod, ska, alternative person in high school, junior collage and at the university. Life changed and I had kids and work and my clothes in general had to change to accommodate this part of my life a little. But there are still large amounts of that wardrobe in my wardrobe and they show up in bits in pieces here and there. This would have been a set of gloves I would have loved when I was younger still love them now as a matter of fact I hope they come out like the picture in my head so far so good. I don’t have a written pattern for this making it strait out of my head. I will probably make some tall gauntlets as well. These gloves are being made out of cashmere.

If you look close at the top photo you will notice I have a wide array of cabled needles from bamboo to aluminum to the oldest steel with a steel cable. I collect needles from thrift stores a lot so you never know what you will find.

fingerless glove start

On a side note my daughter ( who is just barely 12 years old) has finished one glove out of her fingerless glove set not bad for her second project the first was a wash cloth. I never posted it, it was just seed stitch an st stitch. She modified the pattern a little bit to add ribbing by the fingers. Her gloves are being made out of dark blue wool.

made by my 12 year old daughter

>My Free patterns

>I have made most of my Ravelry patterns free. The cape will go back to being for sale the other items will not. They will stay free for those who want to use them.

>Tan and Brown


close up of death flake

Making another knit hat this time using the deathflake pattern. I am thinking I may have knit it a tiny bit tight will find out when done, it is about 60% there. There will be a ribbing around the bottom to stop the flipping up action that my daughter is holding down for the photo.


My goal in knitting is to make lace thigh high stockings and to be able to reproduce some vintage Nordic sweaters of my Vavo’s a, vintage sock made by some nuns for me and my cousins when we where children. I am getting close to being able to do most of those things. Those who are knitters out there how is my progress, if you have been following this I have ( haven’t tried lace yet or yo holes for lace) in general, figured out most things pretty well, double point needles and cable and normal needles have all been used not scared of any of them tried different techniques the only one that has given me some real issues is color blocking it makes my fabric pull funny will figure that out later. Sure I tore things out and put them back in several times, but that was a learning curve thing.

I think I am doing pretty good for only 21 days of teaching myself to knit.

items made or making

  1. baby jacket
  2. hat for husband
  3. hat for a baby
  4. knit caplet
  5. socks 1/2 done
  6. hat for me1/2
  7. shawl/headscarf ( will probably frog as I like these lacier)

yarns used

  1. acrylic scrap: hard to work with doesn’t slide well but even stitches
  2. 100% wool: will shrink when washed if not careful easy to work with slides like butter but have to work harder on even stitches
  3. cotton: soft easy to work with and slides well
  4. novelty yarn: gives nice texture easy to wash or dry clean
  5. sock yarn wool: wool but won’t shrink and easy to work with as it had a little stretchiness to it to make it fit the feet better
  6. wool: this wool is meant for felting so will have to be super careful not to toss in washer also this one split easy
  7. vintage wool: very tiny using size 1 needles and a little scratchy but not much I would be fine wearing it

new techniques : there are more things than this I learned but this is the bases of what I learned

  1. knit, purl, cast on/off, st stitch, increasing, decreasing
  2. intarsia, color blocking, ribbing, Kirchner (sp) stitch double pointed needles with cable needle
  3. short rows, drafting pattern from finished object
  4. design my own simple pattern
  5. double pointed needles, turning heel, finishing toe
  6. seed stitch, working with two cable needles
  7. drafting own pattern complex

>Yoyo tutorial received award


Whip up honored my yoyo tutorial with a best crochet of 2009 award. I am honored and humbled thank you Whip-up.

>Crochet Doll

>This is the doll I made for my middle daughter she wanted it for Christmas. I wasn’t able to get it made before the special day. So under the tree was a box full of supplies to make the doll and thread and other such items to make clothes for the doll. As you can see the doll only has shoes the reason for this is it is my daughter’s job to make the clothes and it was mine to make the doll. My daughter’s favorite color is blue so this little dollie has blue hair and blue eyes and blue lashes. Of course the first thing she made for her doll was something blue. I think I would have started with the under clothing but she wanted to make shoes. She wants to use some of the patterns later for the mini free spirit doll but for now she is making her own. If you want to make your own doll go to Beth Webber’s sight byhookbyhand for her free spirit doll and clothes patterns and many others too. They are on her side bar to make it easy to find them. This doll is still nameless at this point in time.


>Merry Christmas


>Chenille Scarf

I started a hex blanket in chenille in 2007. Never got around to finishing it as the more I worked with it the more I figured it would not hold up well as a blanket. So I removed a few hexes from it and gave the frogged ones to my kids to play with the yarn. What was left was this scarf. So I thought I would post a picture of it.

>My Christmas gift to you (free pattern)


caplet front button up turtle neck

I am making this pattern available as a free down load as your holiday gift for reading my blog thank you. This is a limited time offer I will change it back for a purchase item at the end of January.

download cape pattern now
If you down load please let me know what you think thanks and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
caplet sideview

On children this is a cape on small to medium adults it is a caplet.

sorry I have no one in a size large to try it on to see how it would work on them but should work just fine if you change the pattern to have 2 chains between v stitches in rows 13 – 31 hook is actually a steel size 2 which is 2.2 mm
an aluminum size B was the closest
8 buttons I used mother of pearl

I used worsted weight cotton yarn use what ever you like.

caplet back

caplet finished buttons undone

>I am a day late posting this


my husband with his hat

My husband wouldn’t sit for a photo. He was up most of last night working on his computer so finally this morning I was able to get a photo. With his 2 day 5 o’clock shadow and all. But as you can see it fits finally so many jokes about casting on and off at our house at the moment as long as I don’t cast off the husband we decided we are good.

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