>Apron 4 : Linen and Flowers



Here is another apron found thrift ($2.00) this one is linen with flowers on it. It was definitely store bought first as it has a printed label written in another language on it. Looks like linen to me if someone could read the label it is 100% something either cotton or linen.

can someome read this

It has metal links in the back to help with tying the apron closed. On the other apron I liked the metal links still trying to figure out if I do on this one. Makes it stronger and all but they are awkward to tie into.

metal loops on back for ties

I like the color on this sort of soft and muted in hue weird for me as I typically like strong bold colors. I like that it has two pockets on it.


It has two pockets which is always nice. Why do so many aprons only have one pocket.

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