>Knitting Part 4


front and back

Both front sides are done and so is the back. I have it pinned in place here for the photo as the sides are not sewn yet because the sleeves have to be set in first. I have started on both sleeves.

1 of 2 sleeves

The picture to the right is not one I took it is from the original pattern for this item. I might make the hat when done but mine would be in the darker color with if lucky an accent of a pink heart. I also plan on an accent of the pink heart on the front of the jacket and a heart in the darker color on the back to pull all the colors together on the front and back of the jacket.

I think I am making good progress on this item. My oldest daughter started on her knitting yesterday just swatches of stitches I will post later her progress and what I learned at the same time.


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