>Knitted Jacket all done


OK honest opinions wanted for a first project how good or bad is this.

I put a crochet edging around the front and neck opening as I didn’t like the transition it wasn’t smooth to me. I used pink on burgundy and on the back of the jacket I used the burgundy on the pink to add to the color change effects.


Upon looking at the photo that came with the pattern ( the neck area) I noticed it wasn’t a smooth transition in it either. So at least I know that wasn’t a mistake I made. I like it more with my addition of crochet around this area anyway. The pattern called for crocheted ties at the neck and waist I like the metal hook and eye better.

neck detail

I also added duplicate stitch to the front of the jacket. I think the little heart adds something to the pattern and ties the colors more. I decided not to put a heart on the back of the jacket at the moment I may change my mind back not sure.

left front detail

This doll is about a 7 month old baby in size, so since the pattern is for a 6-9 month old not half bad on tension and gauge. There would still be room in this (see sleeves) for the baby to grow to the 9 month size.

left arm backleft arm front

Now what to do with this I have no use for a baby jacket in this size. So in time I will probably place it in the store or give it away to some one maybe my neighbor she has a baby this size. Not sure yet for now I will look at it every now and again and think hey I did that. In time I may think this is not very good once I get better at it but for now I am happy with it. For starters I don’t usually use acrylic but I had some left over from that big order and so I used it as that I had on hand and my other yarn is still in storage. I learned a lot in this how to increase with out holes in the work, how the stitches look and how they mix together to get different textures.

I also learned that even though stockinet stitch is a basic stitch used a lot not terribly interesting to knit in its own right but a good back ground or solid surface. It will be nice to learn intarsia or fair isle knitting so I can just add colors to the stockinet stitch and give it much more interest.

Things I don’t like about this pattern:

  1. It is made in 5 pieces.
  2. If I ever made it again it would only be in only 3 pieces with inset sleeves.
  3. Not a nice finish on the neck edging. (already changed that)
  4. hate the yarn tie idea on this pattern (already changed that)
  5. no design in bottom half of jacket (boring)
  6. I haven’t made the hat but I hate that the hearts on it are sewn on afterward it is made. Why kill half the stretch of it why make it knit if the knit benefits are destroyed with seams everywhere( same complaint as line 1).

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pat from FL and MI
    Dec 13, 2009 @ 10:29:33

    >Way cute, especially the back! And the heart is a really nice addition.


  2. Anonymous
    Dec 13, 2009 @ 12:11:34

    >I think your project is beautiful. The colors go well together, the little heart is so delicate you can't help but want to look at it to see what it is. The clast you used has almost a vintage appearance to it. All around, I think it is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.Sincerely,JDmammasnakeyes@yahoo.com


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