>Apron 6 : Half Apron for gathering


gathering apron

This is another thrift store find ($.50). I call it a gathering apron, because it has big pockets to place items in. If you run out of room in those pockets the bottom flips up and buttons to give you yet another larger pocket. It is to bad that the original maker didn’t line this or make it double sided because when the pocket is buttoned up you see the backside or the fabric and another fabric would have been a cute detail instead.

button detail
buttoned pocket

Good for gathering fruit as long as the buttons are sewn on well with strong thread to hold the weight. This is definitely a hand made apron nothing about it reads store bought. To begin with it has rick rack as detailing and large green buttons. The tie can be worn in the front if you have a waist that is 26 inches if not they tie in the back.

details of front

It has the look of a vintage apron but it uses reproduction fabric and is not true old fabric.

>Knitted Caplet


collar detail

New in the shop today. I hand knit this used four different sizes of knitting needles and one crochet hook. The fake fur edging is crocheted around the edge of the cape the rest is knit. There is a black glass button with an anchor detail as a closure on the collar of the cape.


>Head scarf


rightleftbuttoned behind neck

My sister-in-law gave a head band similar to this to my youngest daughter who had a similar one already that her great grandmother had worn years and years ago. I had 1 skein of yarn so I thought I would figure it out if I could draft my own pattern from it. Was easy enough it is made with short rows up the length of the hat I cast on 100 stitches. It has with ribbing 2 knit, 2 purl repeat across turn work another row of ribbing. Where the short rows turn is where the button fits into the headband to close it. This one has a mop button (mop = mother of pearl). Was easy to make less than a few hours. First time I did short rows didn’t know what they where called when I started out on this. I had to look it up for this post. I am enjoying learning to knit. I have a ways to go still to learn to make lace stockings like I want but I am on my way. I like ribbing much more than stockinet to knit at least there is a little bit of a change to keep the mind interested.

chin closure

In case you are interested size 6 needles and Jeannee ( Plymouth yarn) knitting worsted weight color 0100 51% cotton 49 % acrylic, Machine wash tumble dry low. Fits 9 month to about 24 months can actually fit a little larger child but I am certain on those sizes. This is in the store today.

other sidesideside