>Head scarf


rightleftbuttoned behind neck

My sister-in-law gave a head band similar to this to my youngest daughter who had a similar one already that her great grandmother had worn years and years ago. I had 1 skein of yarn so I thought I would figure it out if I could draft my own pattern from it. Was easy enough it is made with short rows up the length of the hat I cast on 100 stitches. It has with ribbing 2 knit, 2 purl repeat across turn work another row of ribbing. Where the short rows turn is where the button fits into the headband to close it. This one has a mop button (mop = mother of pearl). Was easy to make less than a few hours. First time I did short rows didn’t know what they where called when I started out on this. I had to look it up for this post. I am enjoying learning to knit. I have a ways to go still to learn to make lace stockings like I want but I am on my way. I like ribbing much more than stockinet to knit at least there is a little bit of a change to keep the mind interested.

chin closure

In case you are interested size 6 needles and Jeannee ( Plymouth yarn) knitting worsted weight color 0100 51% cotton 49 % acrylic, Machine wash tumble dry low. Fits 9 month to about 24 months can actually fit a little larger child but I am certain on those sizes. This is in the store today.

other sidesideside

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Dec 15, 2009 @ 14:29:47

    >Just in case you wanted to compare notes, the pattern I used was "calorimetry" from Knitty.Danica


  2. sunshine
    Dec 15, 2009 @ 15:59:40

    >thanks looks like I figured it out I just wanted a smaller version because i knew I didn't have enough for a grown up version so I only did 100 stitches encase someone wants to make one of their own http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter06/PATTcalorimetry.html


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