>The start of socks


knitted socks started

I have wanted to make knitted socks for years. Actually I want to make over the knee socks and lace knitted tights. I figure those will have to wait till I know the basics of sock. As I assume there is tons of shaping that has to be learned with making tights and socks that go over the knee. So for starters here I am 5 needles cast on and most of the ribbing done on one sock. You know the problem when I teach myself something new is that I go full out on it for awhile so I can get the hang of it so expect to see a lot of knitting for a little while. But I do all things in phases I like something for a while then I get board of it and go to something a else and so on till I make a full circle. This morning I taught my self how to cast on to 4 double pointed needles and then I taught myself how to use that mass of needles to actually knit. I called this mass of needles the scarey looking torture device this morning. Seriously that thing can cause some serious damage if it wanted too. The next project after these is a hat for my husband that has Jolly Rogers all over it.

>Beaded Purse help wanted


hand knitted purse with beads

This was given to me a few years ago in a swap. I now that I am teaching myself how to knit does anyone know where I can find a pattern similar to this. Looks pretty simple just knit stitch with beads strung on before hand. I want to make a little one so I can figure it out then make a larger one to actually use as a small evening bag just large enough to hold chap-stick, money, id. and keys. Mine of course would be lined.


In case someone else wants to try this I have posted a few of the links I have found below

  1. a few little bags
  2. another one
  3. vintage pattern

>Apron 7 : From Central America


front details

This as a thrift store find too for $1.00. I have never been to El Salvador Central America. I like the image printed on this and that it goes all the way around the body. This apron is mainly used by my children as a craft apron so they don’t get their clothes dirty. The only thing I wish was that this apron was embroidered instead of a silk screen print. Has ties on both sides so that is can be easily dropped over the head. This is more of a smock style. I like the detail of the seam binding to hold it together and to give it an extra added detail. This is not home made which is easy to tell as it looks to be made for the tourist trade.