>The start of socks


knitted socks started

I have wanted to make knitted socks for years. Actually I want to make over the knee socks and lace knitted tights. I figure those will have to wait till I know the basics of sock. As I assume there is tons of shaping that has to be learned with making tights and socks that go over the knee. So for starters here I am 5 needles cast on and most of the ribbing done on one sock. You know the problem when I teach myself something new is that I go full out on it for awhile so I can get the hang of it so expect to see a lot of knitting for a little while. But I do all things in phases I like something for a while then I get board of it and go to something a else and so on till I make a full circle. This morning I taught my self how to cast on to 4 double pointed needles and then I taught myself how to use that mass of needles to actually knit. I called this mass of needles the scarey looking torture device this morning. Seriously that thing can cause some serious damage if it wanted too. The next project after these is a hat for my husband that has Jolly Rogers all over it.


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