>Jolly Roger



This is a hat I am making for my husband it has the jolly roger on it from the pattern We call them pirates. The pattern calls for three rows of skulls but my husband only wants 1 row. I wanted the red added to it for some contrast. Because of the change my husband made it means switching from fair isle knitting to intarsia which I am struggling with I may tear that part out and do it again. I also learned a lot about floats on the back of fair isle knitting they should be a little fat or bowed (humped in other words) so they can give stretch to the hat. I may not have made mine big enough. The mannequin head is 22 inches mine is 23 inches and my husband is 24. So we will see where this hat ends up in the end hubby, me, or who knows where. This is a wool hat the kids have already been warned we better never see it go through the wash.





This is the last day of the sale in my etsy store. Tonight at midnight I take the sale prices off of the items and they go back to their normal prices.

>More Sock updates

>I am at the toe part have torn it out a dozen times. See my Vavo has a bigger foot than me and she lives in another state so I have to try and work this out without trying it on her. My foot is a size 9 ladies. So this looks real long to me but it isn’t it is the right size. There are 18 more rows for the toe shapping then this one is done and one to number two that is the trick to make them match that will be the hard part on the second one.

sock nearing toe