>That’s one big hat


ribbing brim flipped up

The hat is done for the second time I didn’t show it the first time which was this morning. My husband tried it on and said it was too short. So I had to tear out my cast off and place it back on my needles and make the ribbing longer. This time I have cast off but I didn’t cut the thread in case it has to go back on the needles for more length again. Like I said the mannequin head is 22 inches I am 23 and he is 24. As you can see it eats her up whole. Which means it should be a perfect fit for him. I will post a picture of the real McCoy with it on when he comes home. I won’t say the hat is perfect but it is warm and should fit and made with love.

big hat ( will be just perfect for my husband)

Update well guess what I have to put them back on the needles as he wants the last round a little looser and so I have to finish the edge again.

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