>Friendship Bracelet


friendship bracelet in progress

In high-school many years ago I learned how to make friendship bracelets no big deal. My friend Noelle was sitting across from me in art class making a simple one just stripes. We had both finished our art assignments so I just watched her for the last 5 mins. of class. That night I went home and tried to do what I had seen her do. Only I was on the opposite side of the table when watching her so it was all upside down and backwards. But because of that I figured out how the knot worked both forward and backwards. So I played with it for a few hours that night. By the time I went to bed I had figured out how to write words into the bands. After that I was making bracelets all the time for my Sk8ing buddies I probably made several hundred name ones by the time I left high school and probably over a thousand normal ones . I have made some since high-school but not many mainly for my children and such. Yesterday I found out one of those old buddies has a new baby so it seamed fitting to make this for John. From one old skater to another for his kids. I wonder how many of those old bracelets are still kicking around in my friends houses. Probably not to many. I have used cotton crochet thread for this one but I have used embroidery thread, sewing thread, flower thread and yarn for others in the past.

friendship bracelet