>Latch hook and kids

>The kids had a four day weekend. So to keep them entertained I had them work on some craft projects.


The oldest daughter when we left our last ward was given a latch hook kit from a friend of hers. My oldest adores horses so it fits rather well. She started hers then the other two girls decided they wanted to do latch hook too.


Well I do own enough supplies to have them all do it at once the only problem is the supplies are still in storage from the move along with 80% of our possessions. So we have one hook I could find. So each is working on hers in tern. The oldest did hers first took 1 1/2 days. The second is working on hers so far one day she will finish it today.

3/4th done supposed to look like

The youngest will work on hers latter today. I expect that one to take the longest as she is the youngest and we will be back in school tomorrow too with home work. We have a little stool in our house that happens to match this one with the doll. Funny as we bought it at a thrift store before we had ever received this kit.

to do

There is a story behind the second and third latch hook. These are kits that had been owned by my husbands grandmother when she was alive. She passed away before we ever had children in the first 3 years of our marriage. These kits are at least 15 years old if not more. So she never got to see our children let alone give them a craft project to work on. These have been stored over the years in different homes from great grandma’s to grandma’s to ours. Now our children get to finish a little gift from their great grandmother.