>start of a skirt


start of skirt

This is a wool skirt I am making for myself if it works out how I like. If not I am felting it adding a zipper and giving it to one of my kids. Ok I have never made a skirt out of wool yarn. I know wool fabric keeps its shape well but I am wondering if wool yarn does too. Let me explain I was told that if you sit in a wool skirt for any length of time when you stand up the skirt may have a funny curve in it from being stretched while sitting. Is this true or not? If you know let me know. If it is I am defiantly felting it as that will turn it into a much more ridged fabric and this is a pretty loose knit currently. That should fix that problem and then one of my children would get it.

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  1. Janet McKinney
    Jan 23, 2010 @ 19:20:34

    >If you line the skirt, then it is much less likely to cause a baggy seat – and the soft, cool lining will probably feel better against your skin


  2. mica
    Jan 24, 2010 @ 11:04:26

    >I had several wool skirts my mom knitted for me when I was a kid. They were not lined and I wore them to school so I know I sat in them a lot! I don't remember any ballooning. They were A-line and I know to always pull up on pants/skirts a tad before sitting down. I hope it works out for you – I had forgotten about my wool skirts, but now I remember that I liked wearing them.


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