>Black China Doll



I have finally figured out my mistakes and gone on. Don’t even have a clue how many times I ripped this out. But it is real funny at my house. I was starting to wonder why the yarn had not given out yet. The bad thing about photographing black is that it and red are real hard to see in most photos. So it actually has a lot more detail in the shell patterns than you cna see in this photo. the yarn has a very thin metallic mono filiment in it that is why you see little whitish spots in the shirt. It isn’t actually white it is just the flash being reflected back into the camera. There is still something that is bugging me about the neck area but that happened after the join it doesn’t seemed centered any ore but everything else is correct so I may skip forward to that part and figure out if when the collar is added it looks correct. I usually do the sleeves and collars first in crochet long before I finish the hem that way the item can be tried on and see where everything lands before I get to the hem and see if I need to lengthen and not have enough for the sleeves and such. With most patterns you can add lace edge to the hem if you need to lengthen harder to do on the neck area. In the neck area if you run out usually means you need a contrasting yarn and make that area different.


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