all three

The giraffe has been a little slow growing as of late. I have had a few sick kids and have been combating my asthma ) it has gotten pretty bad again) so it has slowed me down. I think the work is coming out well.

detail of giraffe


>I was teaching parts of the face for portraiture this last week and here are a few little samples I made.

mouth doodles
eye doodles



giraffe progress

Not much progress I added the upper chest and lower neck and part of the last leg and part of the tail area. But not much in the overall scheme of things I was helping out at school so I didn’t have much time for working on this. But any progress is good in getting this done. I am liking the giraffe way more than the zebra seems to work up faster.

>A small collection


This is a few of the silhouettes that are in my home. Some I have cut some other people have cut and some are ones I have cut to copy old ones that are in other family members homes. They span from about 1950 to now. They are all family members except the one in the middle that has the silhouettes of 4 people walking with a poem. I have more I need to cut that are from photos of silhouettes in family member homes. I just haven’t had the chance to sit down and do that yet. Once that is done there will be about 10 more on this wall. Four of these are from Disneyland over the years.


On a side note the ceramic dragon you see on the bottom left my 12 year old daughter made.

>Twice as large


yellow giraffe and friends

The giraffe is twice the size of the other animals on this cross stitch this is how far I got on it yesterday. It is a little bit easier even though it covers more area. Because it doesn’t have all the color changes that the zebra has. That isn’t to say there aren’t color changes just bigger areas are covered with single colors. I am glad I did the zebra when I did if I had done it last it would have stopped me in my tracks as it was so slow going.

yellow giraffe

>On to giraffe


green zebra done
green zebragreen Zebra

So the zebra is done now on to the giraffe and the button boarder in between them, then on to the rhino and finished. This feels like the never ending project. Most times I have no problem doing projects for people this on is just real cutesie and real boring cross stitch has never been to interesting for me even though the finish piece is pretty. It is the getting there staying focused on it that is hard for me.

>Foil Silhouette


foil silhouette

This is for my sister in law for her birthday. Yes there have been a lot of birthdays in our family in the recent past and I am trying to get caught up on them all. Top photo flash off bottom photo flash on.

with flash on foil silhouette

>Twin Dragons


twin dragons

This is for my brother-in law for his birthday. Sort of a yin and yang dragon theme. He loves oriental stuf and collects dragons. This design was originally meant to be a tatoo but I think it looks much better this way. The design is not my own but the scale and the cutting and material sued are my own.

>Yoda silhouette


all 3 yodas

These are for three different nephews. We are going to my Mil’s house tomorrow to celebrate the last three months of birthdays so I decided I would make each nephew a Yoda silhouette. I don’t know if they will like this type of thing but you know they don’t really get a choice on what gifts they get now do they. Ihave got to find my silhouette paper using origami paper is driving me crazy.

yoda 3
yoda 2yoda1

>Making brooches

>I have been helping teach in the high school art classes. They have been studying how to work with clay to make beads and other jewelry. Here are 3 pins I made in the course of demonstrations. These are things that I made real quick during class time so not the best but not the worst either. Cute enough for what they are demonstrations.

rose brooch

The rose above is about 3 inches long and 2 1/4 inches tall.

3 children and mom brooch

Four face brooch is 2 inches tall by 1 1/2 inches wide.

baby flower fairy rose brooch

Baby face flower fairy rose is 1 1/2 iches wide by 1 1/2 inches tall.

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