>And now I know


blocked on needles

I could not wait till it was done I had to go and get it wet to see if knitted cotton would block well I am happy with the results. So looks like it won’t need an edging but I may put one on it any way just for practice sake and to pull it all together and to give it a nice edge.

blocked on needles close up

To see the before go to the next post and you will see how wavy and off everything looked.



new samples

Did a few cables on my sampler and a few other stitches too. It is amazing still to me how the same number of stitches can have such a differnt effect on how wide the piece is. Not sure cotton knit blocks well I hope so and I hope that adding a boarder will correct this too to straighten it out. If not I am good with it this way too after all it is just a practice piece. The above middle set of stitches after I did them in the sampler I decided I don’t like them. Not pretty to look at, at all to me. So I am glad it is a sample piece and I won’t be using that one in a sweater or lace in the near future. Maybe in time I will find a use for it but not at the moment.


Bad light on this last photo but it is a close up of the latest cable.

cable up close