>The Wendy Tapes


  • This isn’t a new release just something I thought I would share about me.
  • Music by my good friend David Houston
  • Photos by another good friend Christopher Michael Paul
  • and yes that is my face on the cover

I was in my late teens when the photos were taken and in my early twenties when this album was written.

This is a taste of some of the sound on (v2.4 second release2004) sound on (first release1994) where to buy. There are two versions of this Cd as it was re-released remixed a few years after the first release with a new song added. There is some video footage if you follow the links back then click home. It isn’t of this music just other music he has done very nice all the same.

>Pretty Images : Lost things


>Help for Becca my Sister-in-law

>I know I already posted about this once but I still want to help her more if I can with the help of my readers.
She is still looking for people who want to help her get a good grade in in photography class at the university. If you like something she has done please leave comments on the photos and constructive criticism is always good helps an artist to see their work in a different light.
I want to help her as much as I can not only because she is my sister-in-law but I really like her images and she is an all around nice person with a great eye.
If you would like to help her too follow this link to her blog and click on her “follower” link in the upper right hand corner of her blog.
In this post all the photos and images have been created by Becca. She let me borrow some so you can see a sample of her work.
Thanks in advance for any help you give her.