>Birth record number 2

>Here is the start of the second birth record I am doing for contract work.  This one I like a ton better than the other.  Yes it is cute but it isn’t over the top cute.  It is more  sweet image that is classic is style.  This one is fun for me to work on where the other was painful mentally. 

removing basting

It also has between 3 and 3 times as many colors as the first one, so it is harder to work on.  The colors are very close to each other to get subtle shading.  The other had a ton of outlining to make things pop this one only seems to have outlining on the animals to make them pop but not on the flowers and other plants to make them more subdued and more soft on the eyes to look at.


Very different in styles interesting that the same person picked both of these.  This is on 14 count aida cloth just like the last one.


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