>Braided rug


close up of rug

One of the fun things about going to families homes is I get to see things I made years ago long before I had a blog to keep track of everything.  This is a rug I made for my older sister.  Her house is pretty contemporary and minimalistic very nice and classy.  She and I grew up with handmade rugs so it was a way of adding a little of our past to her home.  The colors in the rug are mostly hand dyed by a friend of mine, Karen.  I special ordered the colors for this project.  So in the process of making a rug for her we didn’t want it to have much color change in it.  Sort of monochromatic with a few hints of color.  The colors I was asked to use were eggplant, mustard and neutral with a little bit of a sage or olive green.  This is what I came up with back then. It had to be able to fit in her suitcase to go home with so this is a smallish rug just right for in front of a door way or in front of a chair.  This is what greeted us as we entered her front door of her home.

 full rug

I wish my sisters and I lived closer together it would be fun to do projects with them.  I know my older sister has a great eye for style and colors.  She was very much an artist growing up life has pulled her away from it.  These days she is so busy with work there there isn’t much time to have creative fun,  but it is still very much apart of her.

My younger sister is so much younger than me that I didn’t get to be with her much after she was the age 9 as I had moved away and went to collage and got married and had kids.  She would be fun to get to know better.  Life goes forward and we change but roots are roots and they tend to draw people back together. Sorry just thinking aloud in type ( if that is possible).


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DiddleDaddleDesigns
    Apr 09, 2010 @ 10:25:33

    >This is absolutely beautiful. Teresa


  2. karura
    Apr 09, 2010 @ 16:19:57

    >Gorgeous rug!!!


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