>Going a little dotty


new project in the works

I have a new project I need to work on. Had to go shopping for the supplies today weird concept as I usually don’t go out and just buy supplies for a project.  I usually start a project with what I already have and add to it with a little bit of new.  But not this time everything had to be new.  I think I have only every made two quilts this way before my first quilt, which my grandmother paid for the supplies,  and my wedding quilt that I gave to my husband as our wedding gift.   Since I knew what I needed it was a quick run in grab what I need and leave.  Not the way I usually want to be when I am at a quilt store but some times it is just that way.

Supplies on list

  •  fabric (polka dots) red 6 at 1/2 yard 2 at 3/4 yard
  • fabric (polka dots) green 6 at 1/2 yard 2 at 3/4 yard
  • fabric (polka dots) yellow 1 fat quarter
  • fabric (polka dots)  brown 1 fat quarter and 1@ 5 inches wide long and skinny quarter yard
  • fabric (polka dots) white 2 1/2 yards
  • 1 package milliners needles
  • 2 new thimbles
  • 3 hand quilting threads red, green, white

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