>CSN stores and a give away


CSN Stores is a lather large chain on the internet if you haven’t heard of them by now check out their site.   They have a wide array of items from entertainment centers, kitchen stuff and sewing machines and to much to list here! I was surprised with how much they offer and the variety of items. I like that I could look from home in my PJ’s. CSN Stores has over 200 different stores! They sell a lot well known brands.

I will be having a give away in the near future on my blog here and CSN will be hosting the prize.  I got to pick the item I wanted to review  that took a little bit of time to get all the logistics worked out but should be fun to see if it will do what I think it can.  I will then test the item then give one away in the color of your choice.  Watch for it in the next few weeks.  It maybe as far out as 6 weeks depends when the item arrives hopefully sooner.

Just so you know I have not been paid to do this I was asked to do a giveaway.  I was offered to be able to keep one but I want it to be an honest with the test.  So here is what  we will do

  • CSN will mail one out to the first winner in winners choice of color.  
  • I will give away the one I get to test to a second place winner that one will not have a color choice it will be the one I was sent for me to keep.  But I am not going to keep it.  I will also enclose a  special gift from me since you did not get to pick your color.

Like I said I want my opinion to be honest so I will not keep the item. But I didn’t want to do a giveaway unless the item I picked would do what I thought so this is the outcome.  The people at CSN have been very nice and friendly with me.


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