>Mischievous Puck

>I made a sleeve for puck to wear on which ever arm he chooses.  We had some costuming issues with him.  Had to change his outfit at the last second as nothing would fit him.  This was originally planned to go with a different outfit but Puck was to slender to wear the other one.  So now it goes with this one.  I used grommets also it could be taken on and off easily and  it is lined with felt to make it comfortable to wear and not be itchy.    I did some hand embroidery, blanket stitching around the felt leaves at the top to hold the two layers together and to add a little more detail with shades of green to that area.  Also if the wrist band got twisted on the arm the arm could still bend at the elbow and not be uncomfortable.

I had originally planned more feathers but decided they would get damaged so close to the body on a moving part like an arm.  So I saved them for Oberon King of the Faries’s crown (which was the hardest thing for me to make).  Yes I am saving that for last as with his wings the second hardest thing I made for this play.

closure gromets and lacing

sleeve of ghreen leaves and green feathers
able to bend at elbow

Here is Puck


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