>Oberon (my favorite pieces)

>It didn’t come out well in the photos and I didn’t have my camera when he tried these on.  So I will try to get more photos later and make another post of this one.  I had so much fun making the crown for Oberon King of the Faeries.  I had to make it masculine but yet faerie-ish as the teen in question would have none of that glittery flowery stuff.  So this is what I came up with.  I figured the girls are all flowers and bugs (butterflies and bees).  So I would make him the other parts of nature the greens, seeds and twigs, the birds and the animals (you won’t see his collar in theses photo but he is wearing an turquoise cape ( same color in the peacock feathers) that has a faux white fur collar.  The cape will have an opening in the back to let the wings through and hid the harness.  He is wearing a shirt the same color as the harness so it shouldn’t show to much even in the front.

harnessright backleft back

I made the wings first.  They are light in weight you really can’t feel them on you weight wise.  Everything is hand stitched on except the feathers and the nut in the middle of the feathers.  I wish I had hand stitched the feathers as well because when I glued them one shifted while drying and is a little off.

backbig view

 Last I made the crown.  I wanted to make it match the wings but still be very masculine, hard to show masculine on a female display head but I don’t have a male one.  I like the way it came out everything is hand stitched on except the 3 nuts in the center front.  I used mono-filament to do the stitching to make it hard to see.  I first made a green felt frame that is two thicknesses of felt this way it wouldn’t itch the wearer.  Then I sewed on a buckle just like the one on the harness so it could be adjustable.  Then the center front details got attached followed by the sticks on the sides and back lastly the nuts glued to the front to hide the joins of all the feathers and finish it off nicely.

frontfront of crownleft side of crownoberon's crownright side of crown 
This is the last character I worked on from the play and the last one I am showing.  I may post some more photos of all the the actors in full costume. 

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Knittingand
    May 01, 2010 @ 20:57:37

    >I love all the costumes. Did you sew the garment parts as well?After seeing many school plays I have to say it's nice to see the girls wearing age appropriate and modest garments. The schools my daughter has gone to let some of the girls wear such skimpy outfits it made me cringe.


  2. sunshine
    May 02, 2010 @ 06:05:15

    >My friend Amy did the clothes (the new ones this year) she and I added to what that costume department already had on hand. Amy made the purple and pink fairy clothes and Titania's dress. She me and another lady all went out and picked the costume patterns together so we would all have a look we could live with on future generations of this play and would be easy to modify the dresses plus still modest. This is a private Christian school with a very strict dress policy in their uniform, and in what the teachers wear too. Nothing skimpy is allowed that is one of the reasons I love this school. There are many other reasons but the list is too long to go into.


  3. DL
    May 13, 2010 @ 07:15:29

    >I like the masculinity in this crown–especially the fact that it's the male peacocks that have the colorful feathers, and that's what you've used!


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