>wrist warmers: free pattern



In this post my oldest daughter is making some fingerless gloves.  When she had finished them she had some wool left over that she didn’t want.  So she traded me for some acrylic instead to make some Amigurumi dolls.  When my middle daughter saw the blue wool she wanted wrist warmers made from it not fingerless gloves.  So I did one then got busy and forgot all about this.  Yesterday will going through my unfinished knit projects I found this and figure well I can get that done in a little bit.  So today it is done and she is excited to use them next fall for school.

back / palm side 
Real simple pattern

size 6 needles and corresponding size yarn

string on beads I used 2 colors so ever other bead is a different color in a pattern yellow then pink repeat end with yellow  for a total of 10 yellow and 9 pink,  19 beads per wrist total 38 rocaille beads

cast on  25 stitches

1. you knit every stitch
2.next row knit ever stitch slide yellow bead in place on 5th stitch
3. knit every stitch slide pink bead in place on 10th stitch
4. knit every stitch
repeat lines 1-4
till all beads are used

Now just knit every row until you have wrist warmer to desired width cast off and sew sides closed

On a side note ours was 72 rows

repeat process for second wrist warmer

Super simple don’t know why I didn’t finish them I think I was going back to school to help out after I had recovered from my operation and life got busy.

I used size 6 needle but you can use what ever yarn and needle work together and will fit your beads. Remember the small the yarn/thread the more you will have to cast on. And the larger the yarn and thread the less rows you have to do.

front and back

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  1. sue niven
    Jun 14, 2010 @ 16:45:30

    >really nice!I adore the beading too.


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