>Blue China Doll


blue china doll 
The sweater is done except for the closures.  I will add them later this week. I have picked them out just don’t have the time to sit and sew them in place.  Top photo has the flash to bright.

>Another UFO…


work in progress

That I am trying to finish.  I also left off with this one in February as well.  Hopefully it will get worked on some more in the near future (like the next two weeks)and be done for the fall as well.  Last you saw it I had part of the body done.  Now all the body is done to the underarm where it joins to the sleeves and I have  1/2 of one sleeve done.  I need to finish the first sleeve to the underarm and then start and finish the other to the same joining point  at the underarm.  Then the yoke and button band  So same as the other not much is left just got burned out on it.

photo 2 work in progress