>Part 3: 1940s baby dress pink/blue details & tatting



This little dress looks like it is made from a lot of pieces but upon inspection it is only really made from two that have some real cool  shapes to get this look.  There is one piece for the front and one for the back.  Sorry the first photo in this post is terrible I will take a new one and post it when I post the repair post so you can see it clearer.

This piece has tatting on the bottom hem so when I reproduce this one I will reproduce the tatting as well.

tatting on hem

There is an L shaped rip near the hem on this dress that needed to be repaired.

hole and tatted edging

I am using 100 % Cotton batiste for the fabric which I use to reproduce these I bought the last 2 1/2 yards the store had to do this.  I do not think it will be enough so I was glad yesterday when a nice reader just happen to tell of a site on the Internet to get it.  It is in yesterdays comments if any one is interested.  Most of the embroidery will be rayon thread except the first that one will have dmc cotton thread I wanted to use floche but the store was out of the colors I needed for that one

This is the only one that still had it’s original button attached to it.

button closure ( original button) neck detail

There is a hole at the bottom of this button placket.

whole at bottom of button placket

I have made patterns 4 out of the 6 little dresses and slips I am showing.  The last two are the hardest to pattern and this is one of those two the other was the first one I showed.  I have even gotten as far as making two of them up already.  Two slips that is which are easy because they didn’t have embroidery on them and only edgings.  But progress all the same and the dresses have all their repairs.

I love the little details that are all over this dress.
back yoke  and detail on seam

back button detailing

yoke shoulder detail

Front yoke detail

shoulder detail

Embroidery on center front  yoke faux  panel and near the hem on the same faux panel detail.

yoke detail

center front hem

Another item has been found a sheet that also belonged to my Mother in law when she was a little baby.  It is so adorable I will post pictures of it too at the end of all the dresses and slips.


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