>Part 4b:reproduction


reproduction front

This is the reproduction of todays slip.  It was a quick one to make as it is only two pieces and no embroidery.  There is a crochet edging that goes all the way around it.  I didn’t have the exact same color of pink.  But I did use boil-fast size 30 crochet thread to put the edging on it.  I may go back later and add embroidery for it for fun.  Even though I think it is adorable I would like it to have a little more detail.

reproduction back

>Part 4a:1940s baby slip pink details

>After the repairs have been done.  There was not too much damage done to this one it had two small holes and one tear at the hem. 

after repairs front
back after repairs

>Part 4:1940s baby slip pink details


front of slip

There are three slips this is the first one up.  I have already repaired it and made a copy of this item.  I will show those later today.

 back of slip

The crochet edge is used instead of a rolled hem.

hem detail

You just crochet right through the cotton batist.  It is a simple edging 8 sc followed by a picot and repeat.  I like the scolloped detail of the hem.

There isn’t too much damage to this slip there is a hole at and by the neckline.

neck detail
hole near button placket
button placket

There is a tear at the hem line.

tear at hem