>Part 6b:1940s babyreproduction yellow accents


front reproduction

I thought I had taken pictures of this before I added the lace trim but I can not find them now.  Oh well!  Here is what my repo of the last slip looks like.  Like I said earlier it was too simple for me so I added some yellow tatting that I made years ago to the item to make it a little fancier I may still add some embroidery to it.  All of the items are to fit a baby about 1 year old for some reason this pattern/ slip was designed to fit a newborn so it is much smaller than the other ones.


Pattern of tatting is in the original post of when I was making this tatting.  I added tatting to the neck area, arm holes and hem of the slip.  I used cotton batiste for this again.  All these dresses and slips have french seams.

back reproduction

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front cover

>Part 6:1940s baby slip plain


baby slip

This one is rather plain to say the least.  There is no crochet, tatting or embroidery on it. I am not sure what it is made from might be rayon or silk.    There are some dry rott damage to it but I can’t do anything about that meaning no reapirs were done to this one.

dry rot dry rot

This one was so simple I added lace to my reproduction and I did it in cotton batiste as well not the fabric it was as I don’t have something like that.  If any one thinks they can tell me what this fabric is.  I drapes like rayon but feels like silk sort of confusing to me.