>Part 7:1940s baby blanket…


This is the baby blanket we found about a week ago in my mother-in-laws basement.
detail embroidery left
detail left center

She had forgotten she had it, it was hers as a baby.  It was in the pile of stuff to get rid of.

detail embroidery right center

She had told all her kids they could go through the stack and take what they wanted before it was tossed.  You know sometimes it is hard to be honest.  I so wanted to keep this but I figured I had to ask even though I was told I could take anything I wanted from the stack.

detail right

I showed it to her figuring it was a mistake that it was in the stack of giveaway stuff I was right.  So what was I to do but borrow it and try and make my own copy there are a lot of little holes in it over 30.  But I am not repairing them as they are so small and I doubt any one is going to use it as a baby blanket again.  This is just adorable as baby items go. even with all the holes in.  Another surprise below keep reading.

holesand still moreyet more
to many holes

Also just when you thought this trip down heirloom memory lane was done.  Well not yet, after looking at Mom’s stuff we decided Dad’s (my father-in-law) stuff needed to be cleaned as well as possible which is difficult and put on padded hangers too for storage purposes.  He has his baby clothes (1940s) and some of great-grandma’s from the (1910s).  So I have another round of baby items to show to you now.  Some of these being very old and having very bad cases of dry rot and stains from being stored wrong.  But you will not be able to deny the beauty in them.  Heirloom sewing with laces and just gorgeous are some, and some are simple and plain as well.  Some are made of silk, some batiste some mens old shirts. So that will begin later today with a simplest going to the nicest.


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