>Part 8: nightgown?/pantaloons



I am not sure if this is a slip or a nightgown. I am also not sure if they are a set but I think they are as the dress part and the pantaloons part are made from the same material and have the same fabric edging.

back of nickers  pantaloons

As you can see from these photos these have not had the best of care taken for them.  Sad really to me.  This is also missing the closure on this.  Looks like it use to be a hook and eye closure on the side hip.  Three pieces only to make these pants.

nickers ( pantaloons)

This is thicker fabric than the other ones you have seen up to this point.  I am also not sure if these are my father in laws or his mothers.  Very simple in design sad the back is torn and missing its button.  Like I said before I am not fixing these.  So if I make a copy it will skip the part a stuff and go straight to part b.  The gown part is only made on one piece of fabric but on two folds and the center back is slit open to make opening.  This is one of the reasons why it tore out because that part of the seam is very thin.  This also looks like it was a hook and eye closure at one time as well.

nightgown/ slip back of nightgown/slip

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