>help needed to identify a quilt pattern


help i need a name for this block 
This is 1930s-1940s Made from feed sack material.  I am trying to help a neighbor who wants to know more about this quilt.  It is a family heirloom and all she knows is that it was hand pieced ( the blocks) then the blocks where sewn together with a machine.  Any help would be appreciated.  If you know of a link with info on this block please post it or if you think you know the name of it.



help i need a name for this blockhelp i need a name for this block 

thank you for the quick response sure enough the first person to answer found it.  date of pattern is January 12, 1940 the quilt would be newer than that of course.
here is a link on the internet

>Part 9: 1940’s little boy



This is a sweet little boy outfit that has seen better days.  But the charm just can not be denied.  Made in a day when little boys looked adorable and not like small adults in jeans and tees.

collare detail front 
Even with a touch of embroidery it is deffiantely a boy’s outfit.
sleeve deetail

With details like mother of pearl buttons at bottom and back and hided button flaps.
 hidden buttons
pearl button closures

>Daughter’s tatting


daughter's tatting

My oldest daughter (12 yrs old) over the 4th of July weekend decided she wanted to pick up tatting.  So I sat down to teach her.  Not an easy feet since I smashed my left hand with a hammer last week making a sampler book (more about that at a later date).  I tried and she succeeded at it. So this is her second piece of tatting the first one she accidentally left at grandma’s on the 3rd when we all celebrated the 4th of July.  I know sounds odd the 3rd is not the 4th but the 4th was Sunday and we don’t do things like that on Sunday even our Easter egg hunts happen on Saturdays.  She was not half bad for a beginner give her time and she will do great.  I told her she had to make this until she runs out of this thread I always do that to them.  By the time they finish with 1 or 2 balls of thread they are usually pretty good at what ever skill is involved.