>Part 13: Sweet baby dress with blue embroidery



This sweet little dress has such nice details and is in such good shape.  There is embroidery on the front and back as well as the neck and the hem.  The embroidery is soft blues and crisp white.

neck detail
The trim is a French lace at the neck sleeves and hem.  I love the scallop detailing of the hem with the lace.

hem left detail
hem right detail
lace trim

There is a simple technique of pin tucks used to gather in some of the excess fabric and make a fuller skirt plus it is just a nice detail to add to clothing.
pin tuck details shoulders

This dress is made from a single piece of fabric that is cut on a fold.  I love the way people did that so simple to have a dress this sweet made from one pattern piece.  OK there is one other piece of fabric the button placket but that is just a long skinny rectangle so that isn’t that hard to do either.  I noticed the last two days that Anne of Green Gables has been on PBS  I just love the clothes in that show I want all of Anne’s blouses.

One detail that is missing is a pearl button closure it has a snap but it doesn’t bother me as I still love the dress.  Plus I hate making button holes too so I can not blame the person.

snap closure detail

>Part 12: cream silk dress


front of dress

This is one of the most damaged items but one of the prettiest too.  The silk is so sheer you can see straight through it.  It is sad that is has a real bad case of dry rot.  Silks tend to do this easily.  It has lovely French lace on the sleeves, yokes front and back, and the neck. Sweet little pin-tucks too.

yoke detail

This is so sheer, light and airy the slightest little breeze sends it dancing.

look how sheer this silk is

Can I just say how terrified I was when I cleaned  it (rinsed). Happy to say I didn’t add to any of the damage.  I laid it on a white towel and poured the water over it so the fibers would not have to hold the weight of the water.  This pretty much just got a rinse and I was too scared to do anything else to it cleaning wise.  Like I said before I am not repairing this set of baby clothes.

sleeve damage
button placket damageback yoke detail