>HS101: Heirloom Sewing 101


Heirloom Sewing 101. Get yours at bighugelabs.com

This morning I started a group on flickr about Heirloom Sewing.  The only thing in it currently is the photos I have been showing.  But I plan to make some tutorials and hope other people will as well, as to how to do this type of sewing.

When my grandmother was a girl this was taught in school.  It was already fading out of the school systems by the time my mother-in-law was in school and only basic sewing was taught when I was in high-school if you signed up for the class.   Now a lot of schools don’t even offer basic sewing let alone heirloom.  I had to learn by teaching myself and by taking classes from some well known people in Heirloom sewing such as Laura Snarr at the Orem Stitching Corner, Esther Randall the founder of YLI silks,and her daughter Esther Russell, and , and most noted  Gail Doane, and other such people at the West Jordan Stitching Corner which is now sad to say no more.  There is still the Stitching corner in Orem, Utah that teaches these types of classes locally but not everyone has such places near them.  So I hope to help those who want to learn this and I am hoping others will want to help too.

Also it doesn’t have to be children’s clothes would love to see adult clothes, dresses and blouses add to the pool too and so on.

Please help in this endeavor if you do this type of sewing please post your photos of finished or in progress works and/or tutorials to the group and help each other.

As I get time I will get some tutorials up on my blog here.  So look for them in the future.


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