>Part 15:Pollyanna type dress



This is just the most gorgeous dress out of all the one you have seen in this set in my opinion.I   could so see Pollyanna walking down the street in this outfit.

This dress has details all over it.  Pin-tucks, Swiss embroideries, French lace, very sheer cotton batiste fabric, pearl buttons, mittered corners in the lace.


front yoke
french lace and swiss embroidery

This ribbon was put on this dress for photos it has a pink double sided satin one now.  As the white was just to bright and garish with the old fabrics.  But I wanted to be able to show the lace loops and that it should have a belt with it sad the original is lost as it was probably either silk, satin, or real big puffly white cotton batiste one.


The hem is a real wide piece of Swiss embroidery very pretty has a little damage but not much.


Just lovely in every way.  I have a dress I was making similar in style to this one years ago I found it a few days ago I really should finish it.


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  1. Bobby
    Jul 15, 2010 @ 13:21:54

    >beautiful! and this was in your family? i like how the edges are largely crocheted, although that's a bit of work too, to get the edge ready…lovely!


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