>Part 17: Sweet little dress



We are now into things that have no sentimental value in my family but are things I have collected because they are beautiful to me.  Most are real simple.  One thing misleading about heirloom sewing is that people think it is hard and has to have complication.  What is true is the patterns are usually very very simple it is the embellishments that are ornate.  This is one of those dresses made  out of a single piece of fabric again with a simple crochet trim so as not to have to do any hems on a machine.


Where this one is gorges is in the embroidery which of course I had a hard time photographing.    I think this one has silk embroidery but it may be rayon as well hard to tell.

center front detailyokecenter front

 It has a real simple button closure.

button closure

Once again we see pin tucks simple small ones at the shoulders.  The reason so many of them have this not only is it an embellishment but it takes a little of the fabric bulk and makes it a detail but adds a little bit of fullness to the body.  Although pin tucks of this nature meaning this small are usually just decoration and less functional.

This one is in need of some repairs but for some reason I don’t seam to mind probably because I am not sentimentally attached to it and know that no little child is going to wear it again.