>Part 21: Adult silk nightgown



Another in my collection I bet you thought I only had children’s clothes.  I actually have two adult night gowns this is the fancier of the two. This nightgown is simple heirloom sewing.  There was a  lot of detail spent on making the lace for the bodice and hem.


The lace that forms the bodice is all 100% cotton ecru size 10 thread.  The edges of the gown has a crochet beading that is missing its ribbon.  Some day I will add a ribbon to that just not at the moment.  I would like it to be a silk ribbon.


The pink lace at the hem is made with rayon crochet thread as is the fringe.  The dress itself is made out of pink silk.  Very simple very very ornate all at the same time.


This gown is a good example of how different fibers are and have been mixed together. One thing to note is that these are all considered natural fibers. Cotton and rayon come from plants ( rayon is wood cellulose) and silk from the silk worm. It is not common to have synthetic fibers in heirloom sewing.


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  1. Gloria P.
    Jul 19, 2010 @ 19:28:06

    >Wow ……I love it, it's beautiful! Great work!


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