>Part 22: Baby Dress and Bib



I have a few more items to show just didn’t for a few days because of tutorial and hiking.  But here we go again.  This one has some real sweet details that you have not seen in the other outfits thus far.  There is a little bit of drawn thread work in this which you have seen on some other items which I failed to mention.  In the group on flickr there is another person who has been kind enough to add some tutorials on how to do drawn thread work. For those who don’t know that is the lacy section in the middle of the yoke.

center detail near hem
center hem hem

Such had pin tuck in all different sizes and numbers.

front pin tucksback pin tucks 

A matching baby bib that also has a little bit of shadow embroidery.  If you do not know what shadow embroidery is here is an explanation for you: Embroidery on a somewhat sheer fabric that has an outlined detail and where the threads crossing in the back make a solid color that faintly shows through the fabric to the front.  If you don’t see it look at the diamond in the bib you will notice an outline and a little bit of faint blue in the middle of the diamond showing through the fabric.

front of bibback with attached linner for thickness bib detail

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