>Part 25: Not finished antique gown circa 1900



Here is the second gown from circa 1900 that is not finished this one has much more embroidery started and it is being worked with floche.  I do have the original thread to finish it so that is how I will do it all white work.

center hem detail hem detail above edginghem

This is a real sheer fabric.  These are not fancy gowns by any means but they are lovely all the same.  The is a label on the dress that reads:
No 355   Infants dress   Use American Beauty Embroidery Floss 651/=K1

details of pattern and thread company

The center back is to be slit open too i think I will use taylors button hole there as well as I do not have any fabric to make a button placket.  So it I use the taylors button hole and make thread loops for the buttons ( also using the taylors button hole over the thread bars it will work well.

back of neck showing lines for cutting

There are marks on the sleeves and the waist area that will need the taylors button hole stitches  then slit open to weave ribbon into.

yoke front detail
neck detailscenter frontright sleeveright sleeve detail of embroidery pattern

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