>Start of Irish crochet blouse


black and whites of blouse I want to copy

I saw an Irish crochet blouse on etsy the other day that I really liked but didn’t want to buy it (it is worth the 365 dollars I just can’t afford that price).  Also a size 0/2 would never fit me.  So I wanted to try and make it.  The above photos are from etsy and not mine.  They are what I am working from.  I have to guess at the gauge and such and a ton of the stitches but I will end up with something that I am happy with.  It does not have to be identical I just want the same feel as this.  But I am thinking I may want a collar on mine or I may want to make a shell that has a collar using heirloom sewing techniques.  you should check out that last link lots of free vintage patterns from around 1900 for woman, children and men.  If you are into heirloom sewing that is a good source of some free patterns.

 size 50 threads

I have some vintage thread (not antique becasue it reads made in U.S.A.) that should do the trick if I have enough if not I will figure that out when I get to that point.   It is always fun to see the old prices on old threads these use to sell for 12 cents a ball.  Not anymore that is for sure.

started making irish roses
box lid details on box lid

As you can see I have started to make some of the Irish roses I am using a size .4 hook also known as a size 16 steel crochet hook.

irish rose

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  1. Gina
    Aug 11, 2010 @ 09:11:14

    >There's an Irish Crochet Vest in an older publication I've had earmarked to make for ages. There are a few other tops I've considered. I've just gotten a bit chunky over the past two years so I have to take that into consideration before I invest the time in something that time consuming and beautiful. Will love to see how yours ends up. Many years ago I crocheted a lovely "smock top" but could barely wear it as the yoke was a tidge too tight around the armhole/chest area. Then I washed it (before I knew better about fiber content) and it shrank a bit more. It became a dress for my daughter who also dressed her own daughter in it when she was little so it definitely got to be worn – just not by me!


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