>Heirloom Sewing blouse in progress



I wanted an under blouse to wear under shirts that are too low in the neck line.  I give this a high collar toonot sure yet.  This is the shirt that I mentioned in the Irish crochet top post.  I printed out the patterns and for me it was my size sort of.  Meaning if I didn’t need seams it would fit.

under arm seam

So I cut it to the exact size as the pattern then added entredeux to the seams to add some to the wide and I split open the front and added swiss embroidery insertion and machine made tatting to make the front a little wider and I added two bands of swiss embroideries to the back.   I am debating if I want to add ribbon to the entredeux beading at the shoulder and sides and if I want to add it to the tatted beading in the front too.


Still need to add the neck and the button bands to the back and swiss edging to the arm holes.  Since this is to be worn under other clothes I am not putting sleeves on it also the pattern didn’t have sleeves for the same reasons to why I don’t need them.  that is why I will use a swiss edging to finish the sleeve areas.

I am still debating if I want some pin tucks near the center back and front at the waist line to bring that part in as this is a Gibson girl style blouse which means it has a lot of fullness around the waist that was supposed to be gathered and let be puffy.   Which may be annoying to me to wear it under something else if I do it that way.  that is also why the shirt is longer in the front to accommodate the puffeyness meant to be there.  The back is way shorter than the front.

back before button plackets

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