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thumb gusset

I have been trying to make a pair of gloves lately, actually lots of gloves not much success but that is another story.  Here is a pair I would really like to get done.  It is a very pretty pattern, but I have modified it as I am using a much smaller needle size 0 as apposed to a 3.  I also have more repeats and added a thumb gusset but the over all feel is still the same as the original.  I really love all the patterns from this fiber artist you should check them out she has lots of free patterns. Oh and this one was one of her free patterns.  I am using a size 5 pearl cotton that I bought thrift a long time ago for 50 cents.  I still have tons of this and I have used it tons as well.  I will be able to make more stuff with this when done with the gloves too.  It is amazing how much thread come on a spool. 

Update she dose have an etsy store where she sells finished gloves and a few other patterns that she has that are not free but real inexpensive.  So worth the price.  I have them and they are very well written and in English.  They have a lot more information than her free pattern which is to be expected.

wrist areaglove so far

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